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Sam Harris III has been in the Real Estate and Financial Service Industry since 1993. With over 25+ years of proven success as an entrepreneur in Business Consulting, Financial Services, Public Speaking, Real Estate, Sales, Agriculture, and Leadership Development, his hands-on experience has helped hundreds of professionals and business owners identify the needs of their clients.  He holds a B.S. in Business Management.

With close to 20 years in mortgage underwriting and commercial banking, and worked for JP Morgan Chase, USAA, Bank of America, and Samjen Mortgage, in their residential and commercial banking division. Mr. Harris also excelled as a Financial Analyst for 10 years under a subsidiary company of Citigroup, and served as President for the City of Tampa CRA, Central Park Development’s $400 million dollar project, from 2008 -2013. He has completed various Executive Sales Leadership programs and is currently considered as a candidate for a major law school. 

Other notable knowledge and experiences: Acquisition, Commercial Finance, Leasing, Land Development, Mortgage Lending, Capital Management, and Valuation.

Harris is the President of Blue Dolphin Capital and the broker of SRC Realty, and continues to play an intricate part in the success of both companies. He is also Co-Founder and fund manager of an opportunity zone fund, with goals to create high-growth entrepreneurship, high-growth jobs, affordable hybrid housing, and generational wealth in low-income communities throughout Florida, Maryland, and Puerto Rico.